Our Story



Your Source For Reliable Wealth Management – Since 1997, Pinnacle Trust has leveraged a broad financial vision to help a multitude of clients achieve financial fulfillment and security. Our journey began when Stacey Wall, Beth McGaugh, and Jana Parrish decided to join together to create a Mississippi-based independent trust company that was free from the influence of large commercial banking activities. The three founding members leveraged their joint professional experiences at a regional bank to create the highly personalized, goals-based wealth management services that define Pinnacle Trust.

At the start of the journey, Pinnacle Trust successfully applied for a bank charter from the State of Mississippi Department of Banking and Consumer Finance and raised the required $2 Million of initial capital. From these humble beginnings to currently employing 17 advisors and support staff, Pinnacle Trust has succeeded in providing financial stability to clients in more than 20 states. A solid reputation for forecasting economic and financial markets has contributed to Pinnacle Trust’s 23-year history of providing trusted wealth management services. Pinnacle Trust currently manages nearly $700 Million in assets and continues to help clients achieve their financial goals.