Corporate Retirement Plans



Changes in regulations and increased scrutiny from the Department of Labor and IRS have put significant pressure on employer sponsored retirement plans. Many employers find it burdensome and difficult to comply with their fiduciary responsibilities. In some cases employers do not even realize what their responsibilities are and the potential actions that can be taken against them.

Pressure on investment advisors to take a fiduciary role on plans (thus to act in the best interest of the plan and its participants) is forcing advisors and financial services firms to either be “in” or “out” of the retirement plan business.

As a state chartered trust company, Pinnacle Trust is quite familiar with the role of a fiduciary. After analyzing the pressures on both employers and financial services firms, as well as the current retirement crisis in America, we decided to make a substantial commitment to the retirement plan business. We did so by recruiting some of the industry’s best talent and forming a team that can serve both plan sponsors and their participants. Our mission is to serve plan sponsors by aiding them in fulfilling their fiduciary duties while preparing plan participants for a secure retirement.