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Thoughts on Financial Markets (and Other Stuff)

Ten-Year Anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ Collapse

September marks the tenth anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the largest in U.S. history.  The stock market plunged as the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost one-quarter of its value over the following four weeks.  While our economy is currently on solid ground and our Investment Management Unit is mildly optimistic at this point, remember that a drop in stocks could happen at any time.  Make sure you understand how your portfolio is allocated and your risk tolerance is appropriate.  We all want to make as much money as we can, but we need to do so within a risk structure that we can tolerate.

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The Story on International Equities

I have heard some questions about the recent “trade war” and its effect on international equities.  We still remain bullish on international and emerging market equities in the long term. We still believe that they have a longer runway than US equities.

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A REAL Bull Market?

As calendar year 2016 came to an end, we highlighted that the U.S. equity market was at a crossroads.   After six consecutive quarters of negative corporate earnings growth,  Q3:16 and Q4:16 were not only positive, but Wall Street announced that it expected a shocking 11.6% corporate earnings growth rate during the 2017 calendar year.   Simply put, 2017 was going to validate the (valuation expansion driven) equity bull market or be the catalyst for the inevitable correction.  

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Volatility is Back

The Return of Volatility and the Importance of Having a Plan

Volatility is back.  After a significant upswing during January, stocks have given back this year’s gains, plus a little.  Each decline since February 5 has come with less selling pressure; generally a bullish sign. But the upside follow through has been absent.

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2018 Financial Forecast: What's Next for the Financial Markets?


Pinnacle Trust recently held our 2018 Financial Forecast, “What’s Next for the Financial Markets”.  We welcomed special guest speaker David M. Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist from J.P. Morgan Asset Management.  The presentation also featured members of Pinnacle Trust’s Investment Management Unit.
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No One Told Me There Would Be A Test

If you are responsible for your company’s 401(k) plan, you may have started receiving requests from your service providers for information needed to perform annual testing on the plan.  Many plan sponsors find these requests confusing or do not understand why this is necessary.  A client recently told us that he quit taking tests when he graduated and does not want to start back!

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Uncertainty in the Markets? What's Next.

Towards the end of last year and in January of 2018, interest rates and inflation expectations had been slowly moving upward, yet equity markets took it in stride.  However, that changed when January wage growth was reported at 2.9%, above the recent trend of about 2.5%.  This raised questions in investors’ minds about the outlook for inflation and how the Fed would react.

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Is Good News Now Bad? Don't Panic!

After 2008 and during the height of Quantitative Easing, investors got used to bad economic news moving the markets up. The phrase “good news is good news and bad news is good news” became common lingo.   Investors almost preferred bad news as they knew this would force the Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low and borrowing cheap. This kept bond yields at historic lows and forced investors to choose the higher relative value in the stock market.

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Estate Planning & Tax Reform


Last week Pat Kingsmill introduced us to some topics related to estate planning. This week I wanted to bridge Pat’s topic with some impacts of the most recent tax reform. Our friend, Jessica Cooley, a CPA and member at GranthamPoole with a focus in trust and estate taxation, is going to walk us through three strategies to take advantage of the tax reform. 

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Why Should I Consider Pinnacle Trust as my Trustee?

When planning your estate, one of the tools that you might consider is some form of trust. This might be a revocable trust that you create during your lifetime (the so-called "living trust") or an irrevocable trust that you create during your lifetime, or a testamentary trust, which is one that is set forth in your Will and takes effect upon your death. In any of these instances, you must consider whom to name as trustee or co-trustees of the trust. The trustee can be one individual, multiple individuals, a corporate fiduciary such as Pinnacle or a combination of Pinnacle and one or more individuals.

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