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How Much Longer Will Social Security Be Around?

For most Americans, understanding how much we will need to save for a comfortable retirement is an important priority – certainly by the time we reach our 50s.  Helping our clients to have a grasp of this is an important value-add from Pinnacle Trust.  As we go through the process of cash flow projections for our clients – both to and through retirement, one of the most often asked questions involves the future viability of Social Security.

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Buy-and-Hold vs. Market Timing

Have you ever panicked and sold during a stock market decline?  How about got too greedy and invested too much near the top of a bull market?  A recent study by DALBAR, a financial research firm, has shown how the general temptation for investors to try and time the stock market often results in these types of behaviors.  This has actually resulted in investor returns significantly lagging the broader markets over the long haul.  The chart below illustrates that, rather than following trends during market highs and lows, investors would be better off by staying invested during all stages of the market.

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