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Two Different Stories: Stocks vs Bonds

As we have entered the second half of 2017, we have seen record highs in the equity markets. Earnings have begun to report this week, with the trend of beating the street so far.  An expected increase in earnings suggests stronger growth ahead.  This positive trend could continue given the pullback in the dollar.  When we see declines in the US dollar, as we have this year, it helps boost earnings of US companies that sell products overseas.

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Bumpy Second Half?

People are always asking for my "crystal ball forecast" for stocks.  And while we have generally done a good job with managing risk, I have always said that we forecast for fun and we make actual allocation decisions based on indicator evidence while avoiding "investing based on our emotions."

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So Far, No Harm! What's Next?

Investment returns were relatively strong in the 2nd quarter (continued strength from 1Q17). Risk assets (stocks) led the way with Non-US stocks outperforming US stocks.

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