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Trump vs. Reagan

Many are comparing President-Elect Trump's key agenda items to those of Ronald Reagan: deregulation, tax cuts and reform, and a buildup in defense spending.  However, it's important to note that while the policies are similar, the background today is very different than it was when Reagan took office in 1981.

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The Fed Rate Hike and What it Means to You

Today, the Federal Reserve raised rates for only the second time in 10 years. They also indicated that they could raise the target rate three times next year, which is a more hawkish stance than anticipated. This news sent the 2 year Treasury to a 7 year high and the dollar index higher.

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The Stock Market is up!! What about me?

Most of you probably feel like you are in the twilight zone. We started 2016 with a panic in the stock markets, with all of the news rather gloom and doom. The talking heads on TV signed the death certificate of the US stock market, and forecasted that the sky is falling. Fast forward 11 months, those same naysayers are popping champagne bottles celebrating Dow 20,000. What happened?

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Numbers Don't Lie

Recently all of our advisors were given the book, The One-Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards. It has been a liberating book for me because it reinforces the notion that a financial plan isn’t so much a roadmap as it is a compass.

 When I started practicing financial planning in 1984, the PC (personal computer) had just been introduced.  The Certified Financial Planner CFP™ designation was only a few years old and it was hard to tell who was qualified to give financial advice and who was using financial planning as a ruse to sell financial products. The October 1984 issue of Forbes Magazine (shown below) played no small role in me questioning the intelligence of my career choice when it featured a chimpanzee in a 3-piece suit next to a chalkboard scribbled with an assortment of financial planning jargon with the caption, “These days, everyone’s a financial planner.”

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