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One Thought On Trump Victory

Many reasons have been discussed as to why President-Elect Trump surprised so many on Election Day.  While there are numerous factors, the chart below should be added to the list.  I've always believed that most Americans, at the end of the day, vote with their pocketbooks.  Sixty percent of U.S. households saw real income drop from 2000 through 2015, As my favorite market analyst, Ned Davis, said, "a lot of people voted for 'hope and change' eight years ago, and I suspect 'it's the economy, stupid' drove a lot of people to vote for change again.”

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Q3: The Return of Earnings


 In the midst of the political fog, it is important to remember that fundamentals still matter.    Over the past two years, we have discussed corporate earnings at length in our blog posts.   We have done so to highlight the lack of corporate earnings growth throughout the economy and to emphasize the significance of earnings growth to long-term stock appreciation.  As we have said before, increases in stock-prices without true earnings growth are simply increases in valuations. This is not sustainable in the long-term.

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Trump Wins! Now What?

As it became apparent that Donald J. Trump was going to become the next POTUS, futures markets went into free fall. At one point Dow futures were down 850 points. As of 7:00 am this morning things have moderated with Dow futures down 230 points. I suppose futures traders figure we’ll be alright since the apocalypse didn’t occur when Secretary Clinton conceded to Mr. Trump.

With Republicans retaining the Senate and the House, we can safely assume that change is in order. Republicans will be in agreement regarding tax reform and pushing a pro-growth agenda. However, Congress and the President will be in conflict over debt.

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Too Much Mudslinging; Not Enough Talk about Debt

It’s almost over! Today America goes to the polls to elect its next President. If you are like me you are ready to get this one in the books. I have spoken to many clients over the past few months and asked one simple question, “In your X number of years of life, have you ever experienced an election like this?” The answer has unanimously been, “No!”

This election has turned ugly like no other American election before. It certainly has not been a reflection of all that is great about the United States of America. It has not been an election about facts and policies but rather a polarized referendum on who people perceive as the lesser of two evils. Don’t get me wrong, each candidate certainly has their base, but more than ever Americans are going to be voting against a candidate rather than for a candidate.

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