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Not Time To Panic

While Britain's decision last week to leave the European Union will certainly have some long-lasting effects on the global economy and financial markets, history has shown us that it rarely pays to panic during crisis events.  In fact, a sharp negative reaction is often followed by a substantial rally.  As the table below indicates, even the decline in the stock market after 9/11 was followed by a rally.

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After yesterday’s stock market rally on expectations of a “Bremain” vote, financial markets across the globe have gone haywire on the news that the referendum in the United Kingdom has gone the other way. The U.K. has voted to leave the European Union (EU). 

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Mixed Signals

On Tuesday December 16, 2008, the Federal Reserve cut its target interest rate to zero.  It’s hard to believe that almost seven and a half years later we have only had one rate hike.  This comes despite the fact that the economy has been expanding for seven years. It just goes to show how strange times are.

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