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Correction or Crash?

We have received many questions from clients over the past week about the stock market.  The deterioration in the major averages has been swift to say the least.  But is it the beginning of a crash or just a correction?

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Commodity Bear Keeps Downward Pressure on Oil Prices

U.S. oil prices recently closed at their lowest levels in more than six years after U.S. data showed an unexpected rise in crude stockpiles.

Last February, I said, "Oil is the most recent victim of time and success, fulfilling the old saying among commodity traders - high commodity prices cure high commodity prices." And that, "prices will enter a long, wide trading range far below where oil has been the last few years."  We still think that's the case as this bear market super-cycle in commodities continues.  The average bear lasts about 20 years, and 2015 is only year four.

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