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Thoughts on Greece and the Market

It is now apparent that the likelihood of a Greek default and a potential exit from the eurozone has reached a perilous level.  Greek banks are closed, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced a July 5 referendum on the bailout conditions offered to Greece by the troika (eurozone, European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)) and Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has said that his government won’t make a €1.54 billion payment to the IMF due today. 

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Time for a Caution Light for Stocks

New highs in the stock market are setting investors up for potentially challenging times ahead.  A six-year bull market fueled by the Fed's zero interest rate policy has valuations stretched.  Under normal times, investors could look to bonds for income and as a safe harbor from high stock values, but today's opportunities are anything but normal.  Bonds are providing little to no income and, even worse, when interest rates rise (and we all know that they will eventually rise), bond prices decline.  Times like these can make portfolio decisions difficult.

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