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Four Simple Rules For A Secure Financial Future

Americans face immediate concerns when it comes to retirement savings.  One recent poll indicated that seven out of 10 people (68%) said they are not able to reach their monthly retirement savings goal because of other financial responsibilities.  About one-third said they are putting some money away, but not enough.  And another third said they are not saving anything at all.  Only about 28 percent said they are meeting their monthly retirement savings target.

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Is the Patriots Super Bowl Victory a Good Sign for Stocks?

The February blahs.  Football is over.  Baseball and warm weather feel like they'll never arrive.  And I'm not really into basketball until March Madness arrives.  So I'll take one last look at football by revisiting the Super Bowl Indicator and the performance of the stock market.

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The January Barometer

barometerIn our latest edition of Market Minute, Stacey Wall looks at the January Barometer and its significance as a future indicator of stock prices. 



Many investors are familiar with the January Barometer.  If the S&P 500 is up during the month of January, then stocks should rise the rest of the year, or "so goes January, so goes the market."  Since 1950, the S&P 500 has risen by a median of only 0.6% from February through December when it has fallen during the month of January.  When the January gain for the S&P has been positive, stocks rose a median of 12.1% for the rest of the year.

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Is Oil on the Rebound?

We’ve had a lot of questions lately about oil prices.  History tells us that all cycles eventually end, and we believe that commodities are in the early stages of a secular bear market - the sixth bear market of the last 215 years. 

OPEC and Russia are showing us how the major players behave at the end of a cycle.  Between them they control half of all daily oil production.  Yet with oil prices cut by more than half since June, both have stated that production will not be cut because both are over-reliant on the revenue.  This, of course, is bad for oil prices.  Everyone needs to cut, but no one wants to cut.  These are consequences of an aging super-cycle. 

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