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Fiscal Fitness: Guiding Our Children (and Our Country) to Financial Literacy

One of the greatest gifts we give our children is preparing them for what is ahead in the adult world. There are several ways we can accomplish this without creating the burden of adult problems on the innocence and purity of children. One of the more difficult subjects to discuss without burdening our children is the subject of money and what to do with it.

Greg Vaughn, a CPA at Barlow Walker in Brandon, MS, said something very important about saving money no matter your age. He told me, “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” We must help our children learn to “compartmentalize” and manage money. The immediate consequence of not teaching our children to manage their money is a habit that forms where our children regard their allowance as money they can spend on things like video games, toys, junk food, etc. It is not a realistic view on money. The delayed consequence of not teaching our children to manage their money is rather severe. As adults, if they treat their paychecks the way they treated their allowances they will be in real trouble.

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Need A Speaker For Your Next Event?

Quantitative easing, affordable healthcare, government spending, gridlock in Washington, volatile markets - the list goes on and on with today's headlines.

If you need a speaker for your next event, check out these current topics from Pinnacle Trust:

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Some Thoughts On Stocks

Points to consider with stocks hovering around all-time highs:

  • A friendly Fed has kept short-term interest rates near 0%, and the Fed has continued to buy long-term bonds with an $85 billion per-month plan intended to keep interest rates low. This has pushed borrowing rates for companies down, and also pushes investors into stocks and away from low-yield bonds.The Fed's plan all along has been to get asset prices high (stocks, bonds, real estate) so that consumers feel better and will, therefore, spend and borrow more to help the economy.  The problem is, in doing so, they have created one of the greatest stock and bond bull markets in one of the weakest economic expansions in history.
  • But when the S&P 500 has gained at least 20% through October, the momentum has usually continued through year-end (12 of 14 cases), with a median gain of 6% in the final two months.

That said, after a 4 1/2 year bull market run, investors need to be wary:

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