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Are you beginning your journey towards wealth management? Are you interested in learning more about best practice wealth management techniques? Do you want to protect your assets and provide a legacy for your loved ones? We invite you to enter the Pinnacle Trust Knowledge Center to read blogs, watch financial advisory videos, and gain further insights into our proven wealth management solutions.

How Much Longer Will Social Security Be Around?

For most Americans, understanding how much we will need to save for a comfortable retirement is an important priority – certainly by the time we reach our 50s.  Helping our clients to have a grasp of this is an important value-add from Pinnacle Trust.  As we go through the process of cash flow projections for our clients – both to and through retirement, one of the most often asked questions involves the future viability of Social Security.

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Buy-and-Hold vs. Market Timing

Have you ever panicked and sold during a stock market decline?  How about got too greedy and invested too much near the top of a bull market?  A recent study by DALBAR, a financial research firm, has shown how the general temptation for investors to try and time the stock market often results in these types of behaviors.  This has actually resulted in investor returns significantly lagging the broader markets over the long haul.  The chart below illustrates that, rather than following trends during market highs and lows, investors would be better off by staying invested during all stages of the market.

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Warning Shot!

Last October, we published an article highlighting that we are officially in the late stages of the economic cycle.   We emphasized that while we expected volatility to continue, we believe the volatility is normal given that late stage economies are generally tainted by central bank and government policy decisions - creating uncertainty in the markets. 

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Stock Market Cycles

We’ve said for many years that the stock market, like most things in life, runs in cycles.  There are times (such as 2009) when stocks get cheap and our indicators tell us it’s time to be more aggressive.  Other times, we believe it is time to be more conservative and concentrate on preservation of capital.  While we’re far from panic mode when it comes to the stock market, I present the following two charts from Ned Davis Research that indicate we may be closer to the latter.

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2019 Financial Forecast: What’s Next for the Financial Markets?


Pinnacle Trust recently held our 2019 Financial Forecast, “What’s Next for the Financial Markets”.  We welcomed special guest speaker John Tousley, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Asset Management.The presentation also featured members of Pinnacle Trust’s Investment Management Unit.
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A Quick Note On Today's Election

In theory, there are four possible outcomes for today’s elections: a Republican sweep, a Democrat sweep, a Democrat Senate and a Republican House or a Republican Senate and a Democrat House.

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I Love October... Most Years

I love October. The fall season finally arrives in Mississippi, the PGA Tour comes to Jackson and most importantly, baseball fans around the world get to celebrate two weeks of the great Fall Classic (World Series if you are not a baseball fan… and this year was a great one).  Unfortunately, this October has been dominated by financial market chaos.   What is going on?

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Dear Joins Pinnacle Trust

Dave Dear has joined Pinnacle Trust to serve as Vice President and Trust Officer. Dave brings over 30 years of combined experience in the trust administration and investment arena. Dave received his BBA at Mississippi State University and is a graduate of Southern Trust School at Birmingham Southern College.

Director of Fiduciary Services & Trust Counsel, Pat Kingsmill, said “Pinnacle is pleased to have a person of Dave’s caliber join our team.”  

Prior to joining Pinnacle Trust, Dave served as Vice President of Personal Trust at a local national bank. For over 20 years since, Dave has served as a Financial Advisor, managing personal wealth and retirement accounts for high net-worth clients.

Kingsmill also stated that “Dave brings with him impressive investment management and trust administrative experience.  His versatility will continue to be a valuable benefit to our clients.”

Please join us in welcoming Dave to our team.



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Hippert Joins Pinnacle Trust

Hillary Lee Hippert has joined the Pinnacle Trust team as a Wealth Management Associate. Hillary received her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a Minor in International Studies at American University in Washington, D.C. While there, she studied economic development abroad in both Argentina and Ireland. She also held several internships with local D.C. policy development and financial literacy organizations. 

"We are extremely happy to have Hillary," stated Stacey Wall, CEO. "We are excited to have someone with so much experience and knowledge of the financial industry.  She is a true asset to the company.”

Hillary has over 8 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Pinnacle Trust, she served as Assistant Vice President of a Treasury Management group for a national financial institution's Corporate and Institutional Banking department. During her time as Assistant Vice President, Hillary focused on treasury management and strategic sales. 

Beth McGaugh , CFO, said "We are thrilled to have Hillary on board. She brings a lot of prior experience and knowledge to Pinnacle and is a great addition to our team."

Hillary loves the outdoors and enjoys paddle boarding and hiking with her boyfriend and Boston Terrier. When she's not outdoors, you can find her rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs.

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Davis Receives Distinguished Award


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