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Thoughts on a Tax Cut

The Republican tax plan recently unveiled calls for as much as $6 trillion in tax cuts.  Will the cuts (assuming Congress can approve) be the needed boost for economic growth?

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Don't Fight the World Central Banks

Since the 2008 financial crisis, we have witnessed nearly a decade of policy experimentation from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The most noteworthy of these policy experimentations has been known as quantitative easing, which was a strategy to purchase vast quantities of government bonds and mortgage-backed securities in an effort to keep interest rates low (and stimulate the economy). That rescue has worked to a large degree, but it has also bloated the Fed’s balance sheet to an unheard-of $4.5 trillion.

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We're Continuing To Grow

Pinnacle Trust is pleased to announce that Patrick M. Kingsmill and David Waddle have joined the company.

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Aging Bull (and Life Lessons)

Today, I'd like to feature two charts from Ned Davis Research before moving on to a more personal topic.  The first is the NYSE Composite Median P/E Ratio. At 26.5 times earnings, this chart indicates that stocks are extremely overvalued at current levels.

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Macro Indicators


The first seven months of the year have been kind to risk assets despite a lackluster economic backdrop.  The fact that these stock market gains have occurred alongside record-low volatility has made some investors nervous that a pullback is lurking just around the corner. However, today's low levels of volatility can be explained by the Fed trying, and succeeding, in creating a more stable environment for the markets. 

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Two Different Stories: Stocks vs Bonds

As we have entered the second half of 2017, we have seen record highs in the equity markets. Earnings have begun to report this week, with the trend of beating the street so far.  An expected increase in earnings suggests stronger growth ahead.  This positive trend could continue given the pullback in the dollar.  When we see declines in the US dollar, as we have this year, it helps boost earnings of US companies that sell products overseas.

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Bumpy Second Half?

People are always asking for my "crystal ball forecast" for stocks.  And while we have generally done a good job with managing risk, I have always said that we forecast for fun and we make actual allocation decisions based on indicator evidence while avoiding "investing based on our emotions."

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So Far, No Harm! What's Next?

Investment returns were relatively strong in the 2nd quarter (continued strength from 1Q17). Risk assets (stocks) led the way with Non-US stocks outperforming US stocks.

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Fixed Income Outlook

There are several factors that can affect the direction of bonds for the remainder of the year. Equities have been on a positive run and are quite overdue for a correction. If and when this occurs, this would increase flows into bonds as investors would move to safety.

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Financial Security and Retirement

Financial Security.  It's way up the list for most of us in terms of priorities.  For me, right after my faith, health, family and friends.  And the older we get, the more we focus on it.  Age fifty seems to be the magic number for most of us, IMO (in my opinion).  At forty-nine, we're thinking about the next new vehicle we're buying or our next vacation.  At fifty, it's suddenly, "What am I doing about retirement?  How can I be assured of financial security?"

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